Puget Sound Archives and Special Collections

What are Archives?

Archives are records and other materials created or gathered by people, institutions, and governments that provide evidence about their activities. These records are no longer important to daily business but are kept because they have enduring value. They are generally unique and irreplaceable and are used by researchers as primary sources for the period of time under study. Archives exist in many forms and formats including manuscripts, letters, diaries, photographs, posters, maps, sound recordings, dvds, and material objects such as footballs or clothing. [Insert images from UPS archives as examples]

These archives are stored in a building called an "archive" and are preserved and handled by an "archivist."

What Is An ArchivesRead more about what an archive is in this short article published by the Society of American Archivists during Archives Month in 2007.

What is an Archivist?

Archivists are individuals trained to preserve a wide variety of original materials including written documents, maps, photographs, films/videos, and computer records and to make these accessible to researchers. Learn more here.

Meet the Archivist of the United States of America (AOTUS). His name is David S. Ferreiro

David S. Ferreiro, Archivist of the United States

You can also read about what he does on his blog or follow him on Twitter or Tumblr.

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The University Archives

The University Archives contains the records that have permanent and historical value for studying the history of the University of Puget Sound'administration, academic units, and campus activiities. In addition to primary sourcerelating to the university, the Archives' collection also includes nineteen collections of private papersincluding the papers and paintings of Abby Williams Hill (1861-1943).

Archives     Archives Sheles

What types of information can I find here?

  • Records and artifacts documenting the university's history, its buildings, administators, faculty, offices, campus clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and events
  • Photographs of campus administrators, buildings, and campus life
  • Personal papers of administrators of the Univeristy of Puget Sound
  • Books, photographs, and artifacts of Mongolian missionaries
  • Letters of Oregon Methodist missionaries
  • Letters, diaries, photos, postcards of Abby Williams Hill

The University Archives

Special Collections

Puget Sound has a diverse collection of materials designated as Special Collections. These materials are either rare, valuable, unique, or books detailing aspects of the Northwest. 

Puget Sound Special Collections


What types of treasures will I find here?

Geneva Bible

  • Geneva Bible (1595)
  • Sefer Torah (ca. 1850)
  • Artists' Books
  • Vision: The Story of Boeing
  • The Art Work of Tacoma and Vicinity



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