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Compositions: A Selective List

Ostransky with students

Leroy Ostransky wrote numerous compositions, including five symphonies, instructional scores, and a comic opera. Below is a selective listing of his works.

  • Aeolian Suite; Horn Quartet (1961)
  • Arabesques ; Flute Trio with Piano Accompaniment (1959)
  • Autumn Song; B♭ Bass Clarinet with Piano Accompaniment
  • Ballade; French Horn with Piano Accompaniment
  • Ballet Impressions;  B♭ Tenor Saxophone with Piano Accompaniment
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Selective List of Articles by Ostransky

"Early jazz." Music Educators Journal 64, no. 6 (February 1, 1978): 34-39.

"Helping Beethoven." Atlantic  201, (March 1958): 104.

"A Short Course in the History of Jazz."  Educational Music Magazine (November-December 1954): 16-17, 58-60. (copy in Archives, Box 1, Folder 8)

 "War of Nerves." Atlantic  202, (December 1958): 103.

Books & Essays by Ostransky

The anatomy of jazz Author: Ostransky, Leroy
An introductory text aimed at music theorists; ends with the state of jazz in the late fifties.

Focuses on the social and political influences of a city on the development of regional jazz styles. New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Kansas Ciy are discussed.
Sharkey's kid : a memoir Author: Ostransky, Leroy
Ostransky recounts his relationship with his father, Sharkey, who owned a saloon in the Lower East Side of New York City in the 1920s and 1930s.

Understanding jazz Author: Ostransky, Leroy
Includes the following topics: a definition of jazz, improvisation, musical elements, style, New Orleans, pre-swing, swing, modern era, the early sixties, and the seventies

The world of music Author: Ostransky, Leroy
A collection of essays intended for non-music majors taking an introductory music course

Riffs & choruses : a new jazz anthology A collection of definitions of jazz, including an essay by Leroy Ostransky
Perspectives on music A collection of articles intended for a two semester introductory course in music at the college level for non-music majors
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