Data Management Plans

NSF Data Management

Since January 2011, if you're writing a proposal for NSF, you'll need a data management plan as part of your proposal. Solicitations may include specific instructions, but not all do.

If you have questions, start narrow and move broader:

Solicitation→NSF Program→Division→Directorate

If you still find no more particular information, the general NSF proposal preparation instructions will provide some guidance.

You may also find some helpful answers in the NSF's FAQ's about data management plans.

Links to Directorates:

NIH Data Management

Since 2003, the NIH's policy for grants over $500,000 has been that each research application should include a plan explaining how research will be shared for research purposes, or why it is impossible to do so.

NIH Data Sharing Policy & IMplementation Guidance can guide you through some of the issues.

It also has helpful examples.

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