2010 LibQUAL Survey Results

Survey Participants

The library's survey population included:

  • Random sampling of undergraduates
  • All graduate students
  • All faculty who are .5 FTE or more
  • All LEAD members (academic and administrative leaders on campus)

Of the 1835 surveys distributed, 704 were completed. The response rate was 36%.

General Satisfaction

General satisfaction is measured by these three questions:

  • GS-1: In general, I am satisfied with the way I am treated in the library.
  • GS-2: In general, I am satisfied with library support for my learning, research, and/or teaching, 
  • GS-3: How would you rate the overall quality of service provided by the library?

Satisfaction chart


LibQUAL logoIn Spring of 2010, Collins Library participated in a national survey called LibQUAL+Lite to measure perceptions of library service on campus. Many thanks to all of you who completed the survey!


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Demographic Profile

The chart below illustrates the number of survey respondents by group.

LibQUAL respondents

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